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Dragon Realms

The frontend for a Non Fungible Token (NFT) project


DragonRealms is a NFT business project that I co-founded.

Each NFT sold by DragonRealms consist in a basic drake, each one having unique visual and characteristics.

Making such a project implied creating a generator that is able to randomly generate drakes (made in python), developing and deploying a contract on the Polygon blockchain, and of course, realizing a web frontend to let the customer buy the actual NFTs.

While I now have some familiarity about solidity and the web3 ecosystem (see my Three Words NFT project), I was exclusively in charge of the frontend for that project. I used the ChakraUI styling framework: at the beginning, it was to speed up things a little bit, but I eventually ended up finding it super cool and quite enjoyable to work with!

It was a pleasure for me to work on another NFT project, and I used that opportunity to reinforce my frontend mastery.