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Hi, I'm Aurelien.

I build blazing fast, reliable and elegant websites 🚀

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Bring your projects to the next level

Full responsive website creation

I will build the website your business need to step up, from start to finish, including front-end and back-end development depending on your needs: creation of a database, user authentication system, payment module...

Secure cloud deployment

I will deploy your website or infrastructure for you on the cloud provider of your choice. Whether it's a standalone website or a containerized set of applications, I will cover your needs and make your project available on the Internet as soon as possible while keeping your costs low.

Maintenance and problem solving

I will troubleshoot and solve problems of your existing web application so that your activity can stay alive. This includes troubleshooting of performance issues, VPS maintenance, and more (feel free to contact me so that we can talk about your specific situation).

Search Engine Optimization Boost

Having a good looking website is a great thing, but it's all pointless if it is not properly indexed by search engines like google. I will make sure that your business takes the most out of search engine optimization to make it reach more users.

My 3 priorities as a developer

Clean, scalable and maintainable code

My main focus when writing code is to keep the codebase as small as possible. I also particularily care about code readability, so that any engineer that would come after me is able to work on my code easily. You won't have to commission me if you want to add new features to your project, you are free to hire someone else!


In order to make your project completely yours, I carefully document everything I do. The code, deployment procedures, bug reports: your project will not have any secret for you! I deliver the full documentation at the same time I deliver the project, without any delay.


Communication is my leitmotiv, and that, for any project that I work on. I will always ask questions if I need to, so that I can deliver a final product that best fits your expectations.

Take a look at what I did

projects that I enjoyed working on

Here is a curated list of web related projects that I particularily enjoyed doing
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Dragon Realms

DragonRealms is a Non Fongible Token (NFT) business project that I co-founded. Making such a project implied creating an image generator in python, developing and deploying a solidity contract on the Polygon blockchain, and of course, realizing a web frontend to let the customer buy the actual NFTs, which I was in charge of.

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Partylens API

A web API I've built to support a website specialized in the scheduling and organization of nocturn events, using a very innovative back-end framework known as NestJS.

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Partylens API's illustration's illustration

My own website you're browsing right now, which consists in a fullstack web application. I learned most of my advanced skills by working on it (back-end and front-end).

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